Caduceus – Regimental Silver

This Regimental centerpiece to commemorate the centenary of the Royal Corps of signals was designed and manufactured solely in the Workshops of Lukes and Co. The design was finalized in the Autumn of 2019 before commencement of the work in December 2019.

The snakes were cast and assembled in sections and fitted to a Sterling Silver staff which carries the Hallmark from the London Assay office. On the top of the staff is a spun ball which sits upon a spun base.

The silver staff is produced by bending a section of Silver sheet into a cone it is then planished to straighten and harden the piece, before being part polished prior to applying the finished wings.

The wings were modelled in two halves and then chased using repoussé punches. These are used to apply the fine veins on the wings. The two halves are then soldered together. When both wings are complete they are ready to attach to the cone section.

The plinth is marble and was sourced and manufactured in Veneto Italy. Drawing were sent and work commenced in early January 2020.


Lukes and Co Caduceus Regimental Centre Piece